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More information to come soon - We are just getting started in 2021


We were formally TriCityBubble with Human Bubble Suits and other activities working with Schools, Festivals and other events setting up or activities. We had 5 great years and thank everyone that kept us going. Now that 2020 and Covid-19 came along our decision is to give back. By creating this NON-PROFIT organization with the activities we have. Helping out others for a good cause, and any significant profits being made are donated back to local Non-Profits

Who we are

A Non-Profit offering our Activities and Event Expertise to help out Charities, Fundraisers, and other events raising money for a good cause

Fun time in our Human Bubble Suits

Giant Footdart Board with various great Fundraising Options

Football Bowling ( fowling ) Tournaments

New and Fun